The five most common mistakes of the diets

What we must not do when we try to obtain our ideal weight.:

1- To reduce of radical form the caloric ingestion and of certain food. The result is a deficit supply, which if it follows of long form transports nutritional lacks.
2- The diets are prescribed for a concrete person, his needs, form of life and though they have given result to your neighbor they cannot be beneficial for you.
3- To lose five kilos in one week. A guideline of supply adapted together with the increase of the physical activity, it must allow to lose between half a kilo and a maximum of 1 kilo per week. If the diet promises results that should overcome this number, it is necessary to distrust.
4- Not to have dinner or to sup  only fruit. To sup on only fruit can carry an excess of sugar just before going away to sleep. The key is in a light dinner since it can be an ommelet of onion poached with little oil, accompanied of artichoke to the plate, and a track of wholemeal bread and a piece of 
fruit. That is to say, a dinner that contains all the groups of food.
5- Not to do physical activity. It is not necessary to become mad with the gymnasium, but to go out to run, to walk to light step or to raise stairs bring big benefits  if they are done in a daily way.

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