There is food that wake us up and meal that relax us

The proteins of the eggs, the meat or the fish contribute to give tirosina of the  brain,  amino acid increases the production of the neurotransmitters that support the alert, concentrated and productive mind (dopamine and noradrenalina). When they fall the levels of tirosina we suffer apathy and lack of motivation.
If the proteins manage to raise us and accelerate the thought, the easing is in the habit of coming from the hand of the carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, honey, bananas, dried fruits, little doves ...). This food induces the liberation of insulin, which exercises an effect. The triptophan is the raw material that the brain uses to produce serotonine, the neurotransmitter of the well-being, which in addition reduces the pain and the appetite and helps to harmonize the dream. It yes, it is necessary to bear in mind that, if in the plate carbohydrates are mixed by proteins, the tranquilizing effect of the first ones annuls.
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