1- Until 1939, Thailand was called Siam; the kingdom of Siam with an absolutist monarchy.
Now they have a constitutional monarchy and it is  starting to be call Prathet Thai , which means ("Earth of the Thai"), official name of the country since 1949.
2- Thailand is the only country in Southern Asia that has not been colonized ,and all Thais are very proud of it , and therefore of its monarchy.
3- It is not tolerated the lack of respect for the royal family or its image, It is punished from 3 to 15 years in prison.
4- The anthem of Thailand is played in the parks every afternoon at 6 pm, and everyone stays static until it ends.
5- During World War II and after the Japanese  attack, Thailand declared war to Britain and the US.
6- The real name of the city is not Bangkok, in Thai it means something  like the city of angels.
7- Foreigners are call Farang.
8- Thais are very modest and value respect.It is not considered appropiate to express affection in public. Beware of touching  people's beads, it is a condemnable  gesture in Asia . It is the sacred part of the body ,while the foot the most dirty and despicable .When you visit temples,women should not wear sleeveless blouses or dresses, and skirts above the knee. Men should wear long or short pants below the knee  . And if you enter a Thai house , you should take off your shoes and leave them at the floor.
9- You will not see any Thai woman at the  beach getting suntanned ,they like white skin .
10- They are rice and spicy lovers. If you don't like this, don't forget to ask your dish "not spicy" or " not hot"

The Cutlery You Use

Different kinds of yogurt seem to be denser, and also more expensive, if they are tasted using with a light plastic spoon than if we use a heavier spoon.
The size of the cutlery, the experiments revealed that the smaller is the spoon in which we take a more sweet yogurt it us turns out to be his content, something that the authors attribute to our previous expectations, since normally we take with small spoon the desserts and with big spoon the soups and the pottages.
If they give us to prove a chunk of cheese using a knife we perceive that his flavor is saltier and intense that if we use a spoon or a fork , or if we puncture the food with a simple toothpick of wood.

Though it seems to be incredible, the most prolific inventor of the history, creator of devices as the bulb, the phonograph and the projector of movies, only he could go to the school for three months. Native of Milan (Ohio), the young Thomas Alva Edison had to put to sell newspapers at the age of 12 years to contribute to the precarious familiar economy. He dedicated his free time to experimenting with mechanical and electrical devices.

Scholarship holder with a course of telegraphy for having saved the life to the son of a chief of station, developed in 1863 his first invention - a telegraphic simplified equipment-, while it was employed of telegrapher at the railroad. He lost his employment for inflaming a coach during an experiment, but Edison did not give up himself and with the money that won selling telegraphic devices it mounted his own laboratory.

In 1879 it achieves the incandescent lamp.

The proteins of the eggs, the meat or the fish contribute to give tirosina of the  brain,  amino acid increases the production of the neurotransmitters that support the alert, concentrated and productive mind (dopamine and noradrenalina). When they fall the levels of tirosina we suffer apathy and lack of motivation.
If the proteins manage to raise us and accelerate the thought, the easing is in the habit of coming from the hand of the carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, honey, bananas, dried fruits, little doves ...). This food induces the liberation of insulin, which exercises an effect. The triptophan is the raw material that the brain uses to produce serotonine, the neurotransmitter of the well-being, which in addition reduces the pain and the appetite and helps to harmonize the dream. It yes, it is necessary to bear in mind that, if in the plate carbohydrates are mixed by proteins, the tranquilizing effect of the first ones annuls.

What we must not do when we try to obtain our ideal weight.:

1- To reduce of radical form the caloric ingestion and of certain food. The result is a deficit supply, which if it follows of long form transports nutritional lacks.
2- The diets are prescribed for a concrete person, his needs, form of life and though they have given result to your neighbor they cannot be beneficial for you.
3- To lose five kilos in one week. A guideline of supply adapted together with the increase of the physical activity, it must allow to lose between half a kilo and a maximum of 1 kilo per week. If the diet promises results that should overcome this number, it is necessary to distrust.
4- Not to have dinner or to sup  only fruit. To sup on only fruit can carry an excess of sugar just before going away to sleep. The key is in a light dinner since it can be an ommelet of onion poached with little oil, accompanied of artichoke to the plate, and a track of wholemeal bread and a piece of 
fruit. That is to say, a dinner that contains all the groups of food.
5- Not to do physical activity. It is not necessary to become mad with the gymnasium, but to go out to run, to walk to light step or to raise stairs bring big benefits  if they are done in a daily way.

 You are or not an athletic and sports person might be tied to the size  of your brain.
To analyze the brain of rodents raised during generations to select those " lovers of the exercise ", they observed that his average brain had a size 13  % more of the normal. In this zone of the brain there reside the centers of motive, auditory and visual control of the systems. In addition, it is essential for the learning with reward and the motivation.
It is possible that the individual differences in the predisposition towards the exercise could be related to the size of the average, and enclosed brain that the volume of this zone could inherit from parents to children.

The persons who remain awake until high hours of the dawn are more blased to develop antisocial features of the personality, including trends psychopaths.
Analyzing the behavior of subjects that tend to get up early and it comparing with that of the "persons - owls", it observed that the second ones tend to show the so called " Dark Triad " of the personality, that is to say, psychopaty, Machiavellism and narcissism.
The relation between , the bosses of dream and wake - and these features of personality it has an evolutionary explanation, since what the persons need psychopaths or with trend to act with few ethics, it is to act when the risk of being detected is minor, that is to say, when the majority of the persons sleep and the light is scanty.