Thomas Alva Edison,the inventor of the bulb.

Though it seems to be incredible, the most prolific inventor of the history, creator of devices as the bulb, the phonograph and the projector of movies, only he could go to the school for three months. Native of Milan (Ohio), the young Thomas Alva Edison had to put to sell newspapers at the age of 12 years to contribute to the precarious familiar economy. He dedicated his free time to experimenting with mechanical and electrical devices.

Scholarship holder with a course of telegraphy for having saved the life to the son of a chief of station, developed in 1863 his first invention - a telegraphic simplified equipment-, while it was employed of telegrapher at the railroad. He lost his employment for inflaming a coach during an experiment, but Edison did not give up himself and with the money that won selling telegraphic devices it mounted his own laboratory.

In 1879 it achieves the incandescent lamp.

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